Salvador Alvarez ‘15
“I have gained a much broader knowledge base on the business world and have had hands on experience with major workplaces in San Francisco such as PG&E and the Exploratorium.”

Brittney Deweaver ‘16
“The college counseling programs have helped me start to carve out what I want from a school. I learned that I want to go to a small school with a small ratio of staff to students. This way I get more help and have a better chance to succeed in college.”

Channel Erdenebayar ‘15
“We receive so much without realizing how lucky we are. Achieve has taught me to be more appreciative of the many valuable things I have and to express our gratitude by giving back.”

Gabriel Escobar ‘15
achieve has given me a second family and I have learned so much from the all the different experiences from the college tour to the cultural events. The friendships we build are truly amazing.”

Berenice Fuentes ‘16
“From the cultural experiences, I have learned that there is so much more in life than television and technology. I have gained the experience of being more aware of what culture experiences and events can bring to your life.”

Jocelyn Ho ‘16
achieve has made me a better person. It has helped me learn to take risks and work harder. I have learned that no mater where you go, dress neatly and be on time.”

Mireya Napoles ‘15
achieve has taught me that service is about being selfless.”

Gaby Nunez ‘17
"achieve has taught me that giving back and helping other is something you should do all of your life. It gives you a feeling of happiness when you see others smile and hearing that your actions have benefited the people in your community."

Daisy Rangel ‘15
“The Summer internships have helped me explore possible career paths. Not only that, but I have gained so much experience in creating a resume, interview experience, as well as life skills.”

Marah Trujillo ‘17
achieve has had a huge impact in my life. One of the biggest things it has helped me with is stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that I never thought I could do.”

Jennifer Vazquez ‘15
achieve has taught me a lot these past few years. I have learned many new things not only form guest speakers but also the many cultural events that we attend. What I love the most is all the support and love we receive from our achieve family.”


Achieve is a year round program dedicated to preparing young men and women for leadership roles in society by focusing on the development of the whole person. While much of the focus is on academic support and preparation for college, the cultural and community service programs are of equal importance and essential to the goals of the program. Achieve students often spend their weekends attending plays, viewing art collections or participating in group community service activities. Summers are occupied with summer internships and college counseling.