Kenya Dumetz II ‘14
“I really enjoyed the achieve College Tour my junior year because it was a time to learn about colleges and bond with my Achieve peers.”

Sherman Feng ‘14
achieve provided me the support, tools and confidence to turn impossibilities to possibilities.”

Natalie Galvan ‘14
“The summer experiences have helped me be a more independent responsible and courageous person. I now know the City like the back of my hand and I am not afraid to take chances now.”

Gerardo Juarez ‘14
“The greatest impact that achieve has had on my life is that they believe in me, that I can succeed. This motivates and encourages me to do my best, excel and achieve.”

Leslie Vicente ‘14
achieve has helped me develop a passion for helping others and it has let me appreciate what I have rather than always want more.”

Laila Mufty ‘14
achieve has taught me that although I am a small part of a large picture. I can still make a difference. Through the achieve Program I have been able to give back to my community and enjoy the experience.”

Esther Lee ‘14
"I have learned that everything that you do and the decisions you make require taking positive risks."


Achieve is a year round program dedicated to preparing young men and women for leadership roles in society by focusing on the development of the whole person. While much of the focus is on academic support and preparation for college, the cultural and community service programs are of equal importance and essential to the goals of the program. Achieve students often spend their weekends attending plays, viewing art collections or participating in group community service activities. Summers are occupied with summer internships and college counseling.